While science continues to discover foolproof ways for longevity, one recipe is sure to help in all situations. Never stop growing, never stop learning, never stop struggling. There should be something challenging for your mind and body …always. You should never fall into an ease of sluggishness.

Life is defined in a variety of ways by different people. For cellular biologists, life is exchange of matter and energy at cellular level. For them, life exists in each cell. That is why they say life exists in plants and animals.

Some define life as consciousness. Anything that feels pain and pleasure has life. Humans have life, animals have life, insects have life. It is ambiguous whether plants have life or not, or rocks have life or not.

Vedas- the oldest book define life has something that can put efforts to avoid pain and seek pleasure. And has capability to adapt or in other words, learn and improve.

Depending upon species, there are varied levels of life-force or liveliness. Almost all species experience pain and pleasure, and have urge to avoid pain and seek pleasure and even put efforts for the same.

Real ease, real relaxation happens when you enjoy the struggle, the persistence for growth and learning. In Yoga, meditation is considered to offer best results if performed after a workout, after some sprinting, after you have panted a while trying to exercise your lungs.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you go beyond safe healthy limits as per your conditions. Sudden spurts may be even dangerous. Real growth is organic, consistent and incremental.

So keep growing, keep struggling, keep challenging yourself, keep creating new learning patterns, and see how whole universe works as an army under your orders to bring you success.