Often people write very impressive resumes that are perfect fit for the job. But the recruiter is unable to understand the jargon much and hence the efforts go waste.

Write resume for the recruiter and not for the job

Keep in mind that your goal of writing the resume is to impress the recruiter and not necessarily prove your fitment to job in an absolute sense. Some amount of jargon may create impression of your being a geek, but most resumes tend to overdo it creating a perception that if we recruit such a person, we would be speaking in English and he would be replying in Mandarin!

So do assess the typical profile(s) of your recruiter. If its an entry level job, don’t write stuff to impress a Chairman to make you the CEO of the company. If you are planning a shift in job profile, avoid jargons from previous industry that outsiders cannot comprehend.


The designations vary from industry to industry and company to company. In some companies, even a new recruit is made Assistant Vice President. For example in companies which sell products to HNI (High Networth Individuals). In other companies, even an Assistant Manager is a fairly senior position. So unless you have an impressive designation, better title the functional role rather than give actual designation. For example, instead of putting designation as “Assistant Secretary” make it ” Administration Management” and put the points of achievements. In other words, focus on skills rather than designations if designations are not appropriate.

Further, as Graham Greene states the first of his 48 Laws of Power, Never Outshine the Master. Don’t write a resume that makes your recruiter think that rather you should be interviewing him! This is a generic advise for corporate world. Unless you have a bigger master taking your responsibility in the corporate jungle, never outshine your existing master. And know that no lion is trustworthy in this safari. So for rookies, this law is fairly universal.

If you have properly understood the key principle and corollaries behind the art of resume building, the value that your next resume can bring to you has already increased several times!

All the best!!